Benaghar: The Rat, The Wolf and The King’s Fool Kindle (Book One) – eBook



The Aebran Empire is in celebration; the Five Hundred Year War is over and the decampment of soldiers from Raanian Seas is well underway, but there are those who are dissatisfied with peace …

Phæ’enor Doven, daughter to the most revered captain in the Aebran Army, has known a life of uneventful happiness, but that is all about to change. Along with other military families, she must now journey to her new home, the capital of the empire, Benaghar.

But on arrival, an incident in the harbour embroils Phæ’enor in the darker side of the city. In her quest to uncover the truth behind the events, Phæ’enor becomes unwittingly involved with the city gangs, the undesirables, the affairs of the royals and a piece of lost treasure that will change her world forever!

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