Jan 2021 Q&A Session with F. K. Maddison (first pbublished on goodreads)

Where did you get the idea for your book, Benaghar?

This is cliche, but the idea came to me when I had a dream about one of the characters (who will not appear until the third book in the Benaghar series). I was 17 at the time and wanted to know who the mysterious character I dreamt of was, so I built a story about them from there on – it has changed and developed a lot since then!

How did you get inspired to write?

I used to read a lot as a child, and then hit secondary school where reading for fun wasn’t really encouraged (well, not in the school I went to). Then, in my mid to late teens my sister, Sarah, started telling me she had read some books she really enjoyed and encouraged me to read more often.

With her encouragement, as well as some family friends who were always reading, writing and acting, my interest and creativity was ignited, which made me want to pursue writing and just have some fun with it

What are you currently working on?

I have developed Benaghar as a series. The first is The Rat, The Wolf & The King’s Fool and I have written the first draft and started editing the second book in the series. I have a few ideas for the title and will need to make a decision soon so I can start finalising an idea for the book cover.

What’s the best thing about being a writer?

It’s really fun creating a new world and finding your voice. I really love the process of writing the first draft, editing is not my favourite part but it does really help sieve out the rubbish so you are left with a book that flows.

For me, writing the first draft is definitely the best thing about being a writer and seeing it all come together.

What would be your advice for aspiring writers?

This might sound blunt, but you just have to stop making all those excuses. Make time in your schedule – whether that be 10 minutes a day or an hour a week. Your book is not going to write itself, you have to make the effort to stop procrastinating and get on with it!

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